I (Heart) Geometry, Too…

geometricabstraction3So, I’ve been working pretty hard on the Geometric Abstraction show that just opened at the gallery.  It’s been a passion of mine for some time now.

It could be:

  • my early (and absurd) love of Legos
  • the particular symptom set of my mild OCD
  • my fetish for the style and optimism of midcentury art, architecture, and design
  • my background in computer-aided graphic design

but for some reason, I have always loved geometric abstraction.

Still, I didn’t quite expect HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Santa Barbarans to respond the same way.  I received dozens of e-mails and even two tweets about the success of the exhibition.

I will post exhibition photos as they become available. Special thanks to Ken Bortolazzo, Nancy Gifford, Zack Paul, and John Moses for their help in making the show such a resounding success.


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