In this year’s annual meeting at the gallery, someone – was it the owner or your modest and retiring author – came up with the idea of an art “survey” that we would conduct with the aim of getting people to divulge their interests and receive five images based on those interests.  If you are thinking that this sounds suspiciously like the standard conversational dynamic of what goes on inside art galleries, please, Dear Reader, withhold judgement until you see what this idea became.

I wanted to make it a Facebook meme, like this one, that we programmed and launched as an independent web-borne app. Time and budget constraints for such a quixotic idea being what they are, I made, instead, a Rube Goldbergian spreadsheet and used GoogleForms to power the input. The owner wrote the survey, with a tiny bit of input from me. The five images above reflect my first response. (The five images below reflect my second response. Both are quite accurate, in their way.)  You can take the survey too.

I’m working on learning enough of Javascript to program this.  We’ll see how this goes.



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