This site is a senseless diversion. I use the space to play around with design and technology. There may be occasional news bulletins for those wishing to stay current on my fast-paced and exciting life. It may also prove to be a forum for self-expression. For all the time you waste here, I offer only a half-hearted apology


My name is Jeremy Tessmer. I work for Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery as the Gallery Director. In that capacity, I also act as Curator of Vintage American Art and as the company’s graphic designer. I love what I do for a living.

I currently serve as President of the Santa Barbara Art Dealers Association (www.sbada.org).  I have formerly served on the Boards of Santa Barbara Visual Arts (www.sbva.org) and the Santa Barbara Book and Author Festival (www.sbbookfestival.org). For the most part, I advise these groups on web development and marketing.