Please do run screaming…

art-on-the-internet-37The other day, Frank Goss and I gave a little talk to a group of forty-two artists affiliated with Art Without Limits. We were invited by Julie McLeod and found a warm reception in a crowded and historic room downtown.

Frank’s stories were so warm and relatable. I was there, ostensibly, to discuss “Art on the Internet.” (It’s been a hobby of mine for a while…) In any case, I think I delivered the good news with all of the subtlety and gentility of a rusty meat cleaver. THWACK! The internet is “disrupting” the art industry. THWACK! It will probably due to art what it has done to human sexuality. THWACK! Thank you for your kind attention. Please do not run screaming from the room. (There was nothing but sinew left by that point.)

In any case, some people asked for a copy of my presentation. I have put it up here without images(or flippant conclusion slides).


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