I flatter myself with the idea that I have keen insights.  Thus will you ever find me wading into a conversation with observations, opinions, and other socially maladroit offerings.  On my personal crest might well be written, Quod habeo tibi aliquid dicere.  (I have something to say about that.)  It’s both a blessing and a curse.

On a fairly regular basis, my opining takes the form of prognostication.  Again, I flatter myself: I am often good at predicting about how technology adoption will shape and be shaped by culture. As an example, I pitched the idea of “PANDORA FOR ART” to some web developer friends of mine.  (They insisted that I misunderstood the nature of my business.)  Months later, there was a new art sales site being funded by Peter Thiel whose pitch was, “PANDORA FOR ART.”

More recently, I mentioned that I thought Pinterest was ideally suited to forming “virtual” collections.  Today, my colleague Diana sent me a link to Pictify. Another friend of mine thinks that I am getting closer to the zeitgeist, but that I am not actually far enough ahead to capitalize on it.

He’s probably right, but in the meantime, I should really learn when to shut the h@ll up.  Honestly, some of these ideas might actually have a cash value in the right circumstance.

In other news, I had dinner with Howard Fox last night.  He is absolutely WONDERFUL - a model for how to balance kindness, curiosity, intelligence, and discernment into one easy manner.


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