It has NOT been a year…

arttype1(Okay, it HAS been a year - or, at all events, ALMOST a year, which is just a year plus or minus some quibbling.)

Bless me reader, for I have sinned.  It has been almost a year since my last digression.

I was mortified to learn that there are people who FOLLOW my blog.  They were mild-mannered in their complaints, but I took their concerns to heart.  I urged them to consider that there HAD been updates (Did they visit this page or this one?   This page has been updated since October of 2010.), but dumb excuses fell on deaf years.

SO.  A new update.  This picture was taken just two days ago.  I am the arty-looking type in the black suit standing close to a friend of mine at the opening of my new LA’s RISEN exhibition.

I have so much to add, but I’ll need material for next June.  Until then, keep the faith.  Keep the lights on.  Keep on truckin’.  And, if you don’t wanna, keep it to yourself.



  1. i’m following yoouuuuu ;)

  2. Stalking her prey from downwind, she crouches in the under brush waiting for the less than wily gentleman to turn his back on her and relax… Will he see her in time? Tune in next time…

  3. digalatigra

    i want more from you mr. tessmer. come on now.

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